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Who we are

We are a mozambican startup company to seek, effectively develop, and validate scalable business models in municipal solid waste management.

What we do

We engage community based organizations, municipality and all stakeholders to recover municipal solid waste inside the neighborhoods where the waste is produced.

Where we are

We are based in the dense neighborhoods of Nlhamankulu and KaMaxaqueni urban districts in Maputo, Mozambique.


Our solution...

We develop socially accepted urban recovery centers to reduce waste production, improve public and environmental health and create revenue opportunities inside the neighborhoods where the waste is produced.

Our services
Our solution...

Our Services ...


We believe in a circular economy and design solid waste recovery systems that maximize resources and operate efficiently while maintaining regulatory compliance.


We offer consulting services to plan, audit, manage and achieve your waste management goals. We also provide assistance on certification process on several green building rating systems.


We are constantly researching new solutions for the management of solid waste that fits in the economic, social and cultural framework of our market.


We use anaerobic digestion systems to generate energy from the treatment of municipal solid waste. Waste-to-energy is a form of energy recovery that produces methane.


Anaerobic digestion of solid waste produces a liquid digestate, rich in nutrients, that is used as fertilizer and a solid fibrous component is used as soil conditioner.


We focus on providing effective and reliable environmental solutions to make proper recycling from the separated solid waste stream.


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[Waste] is merely a raw material in the wrong place.

Millions from Waste by Frederick A. Talbot


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